Fill more slots, keep your
24/7 Online Appointment Scheduling

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All-in-one practice growth solution

Easy Access via Link

Give your visitors the convenience of scheduling meetings with a click. Convert them into potential leads, sales and sign-ups

Embed to your website

Avoid the struggle of coordinating time between international time zones. Simplify scheduling meetings with a global audience.

Multiple Appointment type

Give your visitors a seamless experience with custom-built gestures like multi-slot options. Open multiple slots in a day or set day/month specific slots

Booking Center

Embed personalised calendar link as a signature under your emails or a widget on your blogs.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows as Skedule.care sends meeting reminders via email and text.

Customized Branding

Build your brand voice with relevant targeting. Give your visitors what theyʼre looking for with a custom-built experience.

Wait List management

Let the world know what you’re up to. Create group events/webinars/programes effectively.

Fast Track Appointments

You can define your work hours and choose to remain offline as per your availability. The visitors can drop in their enquiries for you to attend to.

Multiple User

Conduct email campaigns and reach a wide spectrum of audiences around the world


Offer tele-consultations to the patients who find discomfort or unable for in in-person consultations. Now patients can connect from anywhere.

Optimize the front desk

Let Staff devote their time to providing a good experience for patients and let Skedule.care manages the appointment bookings.

Easy Rescheduling

Appointments can be quickly scheduled and rescheduled by patients. Offer flexibility and ease of booking to your patient.

Efficient way to manage Wellness


Easy 3 step process to
book appointments


Enables prompt notifications
and reminders


Select available days to
accept appointment bookings


Sharable link to book
appointments online


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