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The platform Skedule.care is Designed & Developed to cater to the needs of large -medium size hospitals, we offer various deployment models to suit the needs of medium, large to very large health care facilities


Clinics/ Home Clinics

Most of the current health care software needs heavy infra/ expertise to implement, run & maintain. Which is why Skedule.care is developed to be so easy that clinics can configure & setup the system in less than 5 min flat!


Veterinary Clinics

Every clinic and specialities needs system which are designed and developed aimed at ease of use for any front desk staff to easily use it. Skedule.care works wonders for vet clinics with tools & services


Home Care

With more aging population and change of modern lifestyle, Home care has become main stream needs in health & wellness. Skedule.care solutions aptly works for
home care providers


Dental Clinics

Skedule.care is well suited for any dental clinics with multiple specialization ranging from normal dental services to dental cosmetology. The Dynamism of each services are catered with ease within the platform


Rehab- Physio Centers

Rehab- Physio has become important centers in todays lifestyle and with Skedule.care technology product & tools physio centers can grow their practice with attract engage & retain process


Mental Health

Mental health services has come important aspect of professional & personal life style. Skedule.care enables providers to add specialities/ services and flexible work availabilities for their patients


Lab Services- Sample Collection

Skedule.care is not only designed for clinics/ hospitals but also individual lab, radiology centers can harness the power of the platform and improve customer experience with set of tools & services

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