What is Skedule.care?

Skedule.care, all in one practice growth solutions. Tools developed focusing on growing your Practice- Attract, Manage, Retain & Engage patients!
The platform includes an Online Appointment Scheduling system (the easiest one built with launching in less than 5 minutes), and upcoming modules like a complaint management system, support ticketing system, feedback, survey & scheduling bot.


Simple yet powerful platforms
that adapts & Grows your practice!

We have carefully crafted tools to making life easy for physicians/caregivers. In the world of complex solutions which are very difficult to implement, we have developed applications that would allow providers to launch with few steps.


Growth Focused

Solutions tailor-made to
grow your practice & build a reputation

All our tools and growth solutions are based on the single premise of growing your solutions. Making you and your practice visible to patients, attract new patients, and ensure your reputation is measured and maintained to grow your practice leaps & bounds


Patients satisfaction becomes the
pillar for all our solutions!

We totally understand the fact growth comes with positive feedback from patients and unless patients are not satisfied growth can’t be achieved even though multiple ways of marketing may be deployed.
with Skedule.care, providers can now gauge the aspect of satisfaction with rights tools & solutions

Attract more patients with a modern website design and mobile app
created with the digital world in mind!

Team Together

The right mix of the team to bring
out the best for every client!

It would be impossible to offer the right mix of tools & solutions to grow your practice without a confident & right mix of the team. The team consists of highly skilled developers, digital marketing professionals to health tech industry experts to learn along!

Join Providers in growing their practice!

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